Man Utd and Liverpool FC – English football’s most successful football clubs

Manchester United and Liverpool have both claimed the title of ‘the Greatest English Football Club’, having won over 50 major trophies each. Liverpool FC dominated English football from 1973 to 1990, winning eleven league championships and four European Cups, including several seasons in which they won multiple trophies in both domestic and European competitions. Likewise, Manchester United have dominated English football since 1993, winning twelve league championships and two European Cups. This has also included several seasons in which they have won more than one trophy in both domestic and European competitions.

The two clubs are thus the most successful English sides in European and domestic competitions, with Liverpool having been European champions five times (securing 11 European trophies overall) while Manchester United have been European champions three times (securing 5 European trophies overall). Man United have also won the Intercontinental Cup/FIFA World Club Cup twice. Man Utd have won 19 English league titles, while Liverpool have won 18. United currently have 34 domestic honours, and Liverpool have 33.

But in one sense, the accolade of the country’s most successful club belongs to Everton FC, one of the twelve founders of the Football League. Since the league was founded in 1888, Everton have spent only four years out of the top flight, two in the 1920s and two in the 1950s, far fewer than any other club. In terms of trophies won, Everton certainly boast a good record, not too far behind Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal with nine league titles going back to 1891, five FA Cups and European Cup Winners Cup in 1985.

If all-time dominance in English football were measured at the break for the First World War, Aston Villa would have been kings, with six titles and five FA Cups by then. In the inter-war period, Arsenal staked their claim. But in the post-war years, Liverpool and then Manchester United and then Liverpool have held sway.

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